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240 D Wide Tire and Fender Conversion Fits Dyna® 2006 to Present

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Heartland USA   240 D Conversion, Utilizes the HL Patented Struts to allow you to install a wide 240mm rear tire on a Dyna®, 11" Wide Rear Fender and Steel Swing Arm System for 2006 plus Dyna Models, includes Struts, Fender, Solo Seat, Swing Arm with Axle, 1/4" Primary Off Set Kit and 20mm Belt, Fender come in three Fender Options  - Heartbreaker Fender, Heartlander and Heartlander with Plate Holder and Cat-Eye LED Light. Options are that you can add Internal Strut Lights to the Struts. Raw Swing or Gloss Black Swing Arm. The Best looking Wide Tire Dyna® kit on the market.

Struts Finishes are Chrome or Gloss Black

Note: Rear Fender supports must be removed. Custom offset rear wheel required and 20 mm Pulley. Proper offset wheels can be purchased from Heartland USA see wheel section.

240 D Dyna Wide Tire Fender Conversion




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