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E-Z D Rear Tire Fender Conversion for Deuce® 2000 to 2007

  • $2,499.00

Heartland USA E-Z D Rear Fender Conversion allows you to install a 200mm rear tire on your Deuce®, Simply unbolt your stock seat, fender, struts and plastic rock guard and replace them with Heartland's Innovative over the frame Strut design. Includes a 9.5" Wide Steel Fender, Steel Rock Guard, Billet Aluminum Struts and a Solo Seat.  Go from Stock to Custom in about about 4 Hours - Truly an Easy Install. Two Fender Lengths- Wild Heart and the Heartbreaker, Struts are Finished in Show Chrome. No need to Cut Fender Horns off.

E-Z D Rick's Deuce

Rick's Deuce 3/4


Check Out the Passenger Seat Options

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    The Second Seat                                      The Ride,Rack and Rest


Add Other Options to your Build

    Front Fender                                 Plate Holder                                 Foot Rest



Billet Tear LED Lights






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